Badia a Passignano
Activities near Palazzo Malaspina
B&B in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is the perfect base from which to explore the joys of the Tuscan countryside, whether it be art and history, exploring the hill towns, visiting vineyards, or simply just to take a break and relax, Palazzo Malaspina has something to offer..
Three alternative destinations in Chianti Classico
Chianti has a lot to offer; along secret roads, in small shops and groceries which become places where you can eat like a king. They aren’t only for tourists, and many locals are clients. Here are some choices along the roads of Chianti Classico.
San Donato in Poggio
San Donato in Poggio…between the Middle Ages and Deep Space
You could say that San Donato in Poggio lives a perfect synthesis between the past and the future, among walls reminiscent of ancient battles and sieges and telescopes which scan the stars.
Chianti Classico Wine tasting: small, young local producers
Wine tasting in the territory of Chianti Classico is part of the scenery, especially if done on site. You can find many of these tastings and direct sales in the area. Or you can visit the more prestigious wineries, whose names have made history.
Chianti Gallo Nero
The legend of Gallo Nero and Chianti Classico: Wine, history, tales
Do you know the legend of the “Gallo Nero” (Black Rooster) that you see on precious bottles of Chianti Classico? It has been the same for decades and was graphically redesigned a few years ago in a modern version.
From Lavender in Castellina to a 1000 year old abbey to a bench in the midst of the Tignanello vineyards
There are many very unusual places to visit in the territory of Chianti Classico outside the route usuallly travelled by visitors.



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