Tuscan Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes during your stay at PALAZZO MALASPINA

What better way to take a piece of Chianti and Tuscany back home with you than by learning how to make some of the best dishes you’ve tasted here? A cooking class will be the perfect experience to take back home as a memory of your time spent at Palazzo Malaspina!

Cooking classes can be in the morning with lunch at the end or in the afternoon with dinner. Some of the options allow you to choose whether you want your class to be based on general pasta dishes or on general Tuscan cuisine.

The courses are done in professional kitchens in local restaurants, and are the perfect way to spend half a day of your time in Tuscany.
You choose which one you want, we will take care to book it during your stay at Palazzo Malaspina!

Food and Wine

Learn how to make pasta or Tuscan favorites such as ribollita or pappa al pomodoro, along with panna cotta or tiramisu. These are just some possibilities of the many dishes you might learn in a cooking class during your stay in Chianti at Palazzo Malaspina.

If you want to experience both a cooking class as well as a winery tour and wine tastings, you can do both at the same place! Rather than book two separate experience, we have found a local winery that allows you to do all 3 at the same place and time. You start with the cooking class, then you do a tour of the winery and end by enjoying the meal you have prepared, either for lunch or dinner, paired with wines from the winery. So you have wines to enjoy with your special meal!

Food, wine & opera!

A very special option, if you love lyrical opera music, is to add that to your experience in Chianti. We have found a truly unique and unforgettable opportunity to enjoy an afternoon cooking class at a local villa, accompanied by wines to go with your meal and olive oil tastings. You’ll end the evening at sunset enjoying your dinner with the background of a live opera performance! This is truly a spectacular way to enjoy your time in Chianti and Tuscany, mixing a bit of everything to create a magical experience during your stay at Palazzo Malaspina.

How to book your cooking class

During the booking process for your stay at Palazzo Malaspina, you can choose any “extra” tours and experiences you want to add on during your stay: choose among the various options of cooking classes, including the ones with wine tastings and winery tours. You cana also book those as separate experiences during the booking process, and you can add notes during the process if you have any special requests (like wanting to have a private driver if you don’t wish to drive). Book your cooking class while you book your stay to ensure we arrange these services to match during your stay at Palazzo Malaspina.

Book your room and your cooking class today!