Chianti Classico Wine Tasting

Chianti Classico: an all time classic!

Chianti wine has many nuances, depending on the grapes, the soil, the vintage, the sun exposure and also the barrels in which it ages. You can discover the excellence of this wine by visiting the wineries in our territory. We will take you to the vineyards, where you will learn how to take care of the vines, and to the wine cellars where you will smell the aromas of aging wine. When you taste the wines, we will tell you the story of each wine and the secrets that make it unique. Come with us to visit our favorite wineries, chosen for you, so that you can learn about and taste the best wines and typical products in the area.

Chianti wine tasting during your stay at Palazzo Malaspina

Chianti is a beautiful and famous region of Tuscany known for its great wine, and Palazzo Malaspina is located in the heart of it! Naturally, wine tasting is a must during your stay in Chianti.

Chianti wine is not a single entity: depending on the grapes used, the soil and sun exposure on each hill, the barrels used in aging and vintage you’ll find nuances to every single wine you taste from this Tuscan wine region. Palazzo Malaspina is right in the heart of the small medieval village of San Donato in Poggio, surrounded by gorgeous vineyards used to produce Chianti Classico wines.

Make the most of your stay at Palazzo Malaspina and explore the excellence of Chianti Classico wines by visiting local wineries near the bed and breakfast. Make it easy by booking through us!

Explore Local Wineries

The wineries in the local area offer a variety of tours, from those that include a visit to the winery and tour of how their wines are made ending with wine tastings. Some will offer a light lunch or more to accompany your wine tasting, but you can also choose one that specifically includes dinner at the end of your tour.

If you would like to not drive out to the wineries yourselves, since you want to drink those delicious wines, you can also ask for transfer service to the wineries, just make sure to indicate that at the time of booking your stay and tour!

How to book your wine tasting

During the booking process, you can choose from the options of “extra” services, from just wine tasting to the full package with winery tour and tastings and lunch or dinner included. Another option is to also add in a cooking class with your winery tour and tastings! Depending on what you choose, the tour will either take just a few hours or most of the day. We will take care of booking your wine experience for you!

Palazzo Malaspina has found and selected top wineries in the area that can offer you the best experience to explore the wines of Chianti Classico to make your vacation in Chianti unforgettable!