History of Palazzo Malaspina

Bed and Breakfast Palazzo Malaspina is a historic house located in San Donato in Poggio, a small characteristic medieval town nestled amongst vineyards and olive groves in the heart of the famous Chianti Classico hills, halfway between the cities of Siena and Florence in the heart of Tuscany.

Maria’s Story

I was born here.

In this fortified Medieval hamlet, immersed in the Tuscan countryside, suspended between elegant cypress and silver-leaved olive trees. 

I was born here.

In this building in the centre of San Donato in Poggio, in the heart of the Classic Chianti countryside, and I spent my childhood here, playing out on the stone-cobbled streets, surrounded by women who, with smiles on their faces and attention in their eyes, spent their time sat at the corners of the streets intent on embroidering. I lived a happy, layed-back childhood full of love and serenity. 

My story is the story of Palazzo Malaspina, a simple story made up of Sundays spent making pasta on the enormous kitchen table with my mother and aunt Clara; it’s the story I tell my guests who experience the richly decorated rooms embellished with exquisite fabrics of my B&B, where my parents Nuccia and Gino nurtured and grew their family. 

The Bed & Breakfast

And it is in Palazzo Malaspina’s 5 rooms that my story becomes the story of my guests, those who sleep in mummy and daddy’s large bed, who hang their clothes in the big walnut wardrobes that smell of wood, those who go to sleep wrapped in the sheets of precious fabric and who wake up to the penetrating scent of homemade cakes, of freshly-baked biscuits, and the aroma of coffee slowly rising and bubbling as only coffee made with a moka pot can. 

The Surrounding Area

This is what Palazzo Malaspina is today: a place from which you can begin the authentic experiences offered by this territory, leaving in the morning after breakfast, before the sun gets too strong or too bright, as only the Tuscan sun can be, during the Summer months, or before the haze of the Autumnal months shrouds the contours of the hillsides in mistery. 

FirenzeSan Gimignano and its towersSiena and its Piazza del Campo or its Palio, the Gallo Nero wine cellars with their wine tastings, are the most loved destinations for my guests, to whom I tell the stories that only us, locals, know about the other small hamlets in the area, where they can experiment and taste Tuscan cuisine at its best. 

Palazzo Malaspina will allow you to live a unique experience … your unique experience.